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Goglin Funeral Home

Edward Kortan
Edward Kortan
Born: March 12, 1936
Resided: Tyndall, South Dakota
Died: July 26, 2020
Age: 84

8/4/2020 Dennis V Steffen Noble, Oklahoma
Always enjoyed going to see Ed as Daniel and I made a few ventures to Wichita. When Dan had the Chevette, that even made it to Miami, we were happy to get a 4 day vacation to see Ed. The Fryn’ Pan Kitchen was always extremely hot, we had the AC on high and ended up getting sick and were in no mood to hit the town! But we did make it to one pool hall! Will miss you Ed, RIP
7/30/2020 Peggy Mitchell Tyndall, SD
Peace be with Ed, his family and his friends. I think that Ed never realized how much his generosity was appreciated.